Part 6: Here’s the key – being of service

The answer to my question “why try and fix the world” became clear. For whatever reason, in 2002 I’d been introduced to the world of international service and it changed me. It gave me purpose. I hoped that PC would give me more insight into how government volunteer programs work, and how NGOs went about […]


Part 4: Get to work!

At this point, every volunteer has fully assumed their shiny new identity. For older volunteers with a lifetime behind them, gone are the familiar old labels like wife, mother, coworker, friend, family. Everyone in the community knows you as only one thing: a Peace Corps volunteer. I honored the adoption of my new identity with […]

Part 3: Stranger in a stranger land

Settling-in to the hood.  Coming from the USA, most volunteers will tell you they didn’t come from any sort of privileged life.  However, in Africa just being American means locals are pretty sure you’re rich; and by their living standards, you are.  The first greetings from village kids usually involves panhandling.    PC believes the best […]